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The TreeJourney

Drawing on natural wisdom, the TreeJourney supports you to gain clarity on your uniqueness and what you need to open up to your true potential.  

What is the TreeJourney?

It’s an experiential group coaching program modelled on biomimicry, with its roots in the science of grief.  This model has been used by its creator, Tabitha Jane, and the co-creator of Earthaconter Lyn Man, for over 11 years in both individual and group coaching.

Tree ecosystems have nourished humans for thousands of years. Trees have been on Earth for 370 million years and survived three mass extinction events.  The TreeJourney taps into this ancient wisdom.



In uncertain times we want to make a difference by supporting those inspired humans creating positive change. We believe that coaching support is not just something for a select few who can afford one to one coaching and this is why we have created a group programme, making it more accessible. We believe that support to find more clarity on your next steps should be available to all.

“The TreeJourney has helped me gain insight into my life through connecting with nature. It helped me clarify my goals and realise I have all I need within me to achieve them. Through it I also determined where I get my energy and the practices that secure me. Lyn's coaching with the tree supports me to move forward in my life and business.”
Annmarie Chilton

Who is it for?

The TreeJourney is for you who:

What can I expect?

During the TreeJourney participants gain clarity that helps them take action based on deeper inner wisdom.

You will learn how to draw on natural wisdom through spending time in nature, by recalling memories and through the exercises and reflections during the sessions.


By the end of the programme you have a model you can return to time and again as well as tools you can continue to use. You also have membership of the Earthaconter community where members support each other to develop their personal practices and create greater connections to self, Earth and each other.



You can also expect to:


What are the benefits of the TreeJourney?


Group coaching creates ‘coaching with benefits’ as one participant described it. Through experiencing other participants being coached, and listening to their insights, you gain new perspectives and additional personal insights. 

Another participant observed that in the safe space of the sessions where participants are present and open to each other, ‘you get what you need, even although you weren’t even aware of what you needed’.

How do we work?

One of the key elements of the TreeJourney is creating a safe space for each participant to explore and share.  The model of the tree and the exercises based on it support individuals to gain deeper insights in a gentle way, as the attention is moved from them personally and onto the tree.  Each element of the tree provides different tools and insights, which all connect into the whole.


Supported by the coaches, the courage and openness of participants creates trust from the start. As coaches trained in nature connection we support the participants to draw directly from the wisdom of nature and create their own interpretation, seeing the participant as the expert in their own life.

What are the requirements to participate?

Participants are required to:




The TreeJourney involves eight separate sessions with each lasting 90 minutes.  During the sessions there are 1-1 coaching for one individual per session, group coaching, open discussions and time for personal reflection.  All of this is guided by a certified coach.


The TreeJourney draws on the structure and different elements of a tree.  Each week we deepen with a different element; starting with the whole tree, followed by the seed, the roots, the trunk, the branches, the leaves, the fruit, and finally, there is a session looking at programme integration and what comes next.

During the process, developing your own personal practice of connecting with trees and nature will help provide you with the support you need on an ongoing basis.  Connecting with the other participants, sharing your experiences and reflecting on questions from the coaches is also an important element of the programme.  To facilitate this we use the online platform, Sutra.

Programme leader


Lyn Man is an ICF Associate Certified Coach and has been coaching for over 10 years.  She has worked with coaching, the TreeJourney and nature for 11 years, both as a client and a coach.


During this time she has also spent time looking into how our beliefs and stories can hold us back, stopping us from creating the change we want to make.




After health issues put life on hold for a while Lyn realised things had to change; that she could no longer put everything else first and ignore her body’s messages.  With the support of nature and trees she took the time to reconnect with herself and tap into both her inner and natural wisdom, drawing on the tools she had learnt previously and gaining new insights.


Lyn now supports those making a difference in the world to harness their emotions, change their stories and catalyse natural wisdom.

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