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What if your work could have an even greater impact in the world?

Earthaconter is a coaching community for individuals whose aim is to redefine what it means to be human through creating a deep connection to Earth, self and each other and evolving the stories that limit potential.

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Explore your connection to earth and yourself in a safe space online where respect and trust are shown to all. Feel free to creatively express and share gifts connected to being in nature.

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take the TreeJourney?

Draw on natural wisdom to gain clarity on your uniqueness and what you need to open up to your true potential.

Welcome to The Living Guide

Available for facilitators, community leaders, coaches and anyone looking to work with nature and Earth in virtual spaces, the Living Guide is a free resource.

Connection to nature offers each of us the potential to understand our true inner nature

We come into balance and flow with the world. Rediscovering our connection to nature grounds, supports and transforms us as individuals and as a society.
It offers each of us the possibility of creating positive change in our community, tapping into a bigger vision than we thought possible.
We are a group of coaches creating the Earthaconter community to support others to be a catalyst for positive change.

We Have The Power Today To Change Tomorrow!

We are stepping out of the limiting beliefs our culture imposes on us. We realise that as part of the wholeness we are way more powerful than we are led to believe.
The community is greater than any one of us and through connection and exploration we create expansion and greater positive impact on our planet.
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Our Values


Coming together we offer each other kindness and support, and in uniting our intention we create harmony.



We overcome the stories that hold us back by embodying the Earth’s wisdom and allowing it to flow through us.



Through understanding and acting in accordance with our inner nature we come from a place of integrity and establish trust.



We recognise that everything is connected – self, others, the earth.

Self: listening to the heart and the quieter voices within us.

Others: establishing authentic and supportive relationships.

Earth: respecting and sensing



In embodying each of our values we support each other’s evolution and growth.

Earthaconter Community Pioneers

With a common passion for positive change, human potential and working with nature, we are the ones who have come together to establish the Earthaconter Community.
Lyn Man

Lyn Man


Lyn is an ICF ACC Certified Coach. Lyn’s own experiences working with nature and Earth to deepen connections and evolve limiting stories have led her to want to support others to do the same. She is also a Certified Management Accountant with over 20 years experience working in organisations.



Primary Stakeholder

Earth is our primary stakeholder at Earthaconter. We recognise how she sustains and supports each of us. We gratefully receive her wisdom and enjoy the full expression of life she makes possible. Earthaconter is a Community Interest Company and we are committed to giving back. We give one third of annual profits to life affirming community and ecosystem development projects.

Alex Papworth

Alex Papworth


Alex helps individuals who feel trapped in their current corporate career find a new, inspiring and motivating path. Alex worked as a business analyst in Corporate Change programme for 30 years. His experience covers IT, business change, and large scale culture and work transformation.

Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson


Mark explores the potential of Earth connection personally in his community building projects, on adventures with his coaching clients and in deepening his relationship with the land on his family homestead. With 30 years' experience as an entrepreneur, he supports changemakers looking to create and nurture resilient, life-affirming organisations.

Connection, Exploration, expansion

How can we support you on your journey?

Earthaconter is a coaching community for individuals whose aim is to redefine what it means to be human through creating a deep connection to Earth, self and each other and evolving the stories that limit potential.
  • Campfires

    A calm, warm and safe place to explore your connection to earth and yourself. Where respect and trust are shown to all. Where issues and concepts are explored and discussed with openness and curiosity. Where judgement of self and others does not exist.

  • The TreeJourney

    Using the model of the tree to support individuals to move through the tree provides different tools and insights, which all connect into the whole. As coaches trained in nature connection we support you to draw directly from the wisdom of nature and create your own interpretation. You are the expert in your own life.

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