Grow the naturebeing movement to a park (or natural space) near you!

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Would you like more people to spend time enjoying your park or natural space?
(and some might become volunteers)

Is reconnecting to nature really important for you?

If so, and you would like to be part of a movement to support this becoming a regular practice for everyone, Alex Papworth, the founder of naturebeing would like to hear from you.

Alex had this bright idea one day when he saw a parkrun group in Oak Hill park and thought 'wouldn't it be great if there was a parkrun for nature reconnection?'.

Alex runs monthly 'wanders in the wonder of nature' in Broomfield park and dreams of this becoming available in parks and natural spaces across London, the UK and the world!

The September Broomfield park nature wander

What exactly is a nature wander?

Nature wanders are similar to forest bathing in that the intention is to be fully present and connect with nature through all our senses and feelings for the wellness and insights this brings us.
Read about naturebeing and the Earthaconter community that Alex co-created here (naturebeing is the name for this movement).

Alex wants to grow naturebeing into a London-wide movement, ultimately worldwide (he was a demotivated contractor business analyst for many years before he finally found work that he naturally enjoyed).

Alex is seeking individuals who would like a nature wander in their park or natural space.

If you are curious, read this short guide to understand how they work and how to get started.

Please contact alex at

The naturebeing movement is nurtured by the Earthaconter community. The community was created to support people to connect more deeply with themselves, nature and others; and to move towards the positive change they want to make in the world.

If you would like to join one of the nature wanders (in north London at the moment), you can find out about future wanders and provide your details to get updates.


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