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What can ecosystems teach us (part 2)?


This is the second and final part reflecting on what ecosystems can teach us.

In the first part I reflected on how ecosystems develop in their own unique way over a period of time, starting with pioneer species (read more).

I will use another part of ecosystems to help us with our own reflections.


Keystone Species

These have been made famous (in certain circles anyway!) with the story of the return of the wolves to Yellowstone and how this one change caused the ecosystem to change dramati…

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What can ecosystems teach us (part 1) ?


Lyn has been working on the TreeJourney and has been working on a new 'module' around the Ecosystem (because trees are both an ecosystem in their own right, part of a bigger ecosystem AND interact with other ecosystems).

When I was reading her material there were aspects that I wanted to explore but would make the module too big.

Mark suggested I share as a blog article. I thought that would be fun so here goes!

Ecosystems develop and grow in their own unique way

I find it helpful to rec…

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