Tree trunk teachings

Mark with Scots pine

During the TreeJourney, the aspect of the tree that attracted me most was the trunk. It is the trunk that gives the tree the strength and structure to reach for the sky and elevate it from other plants.  

It is the height and stature that fills me with awe and fascination, and, of course, every aspect of the tree and its ecosystem is crucial to enabling it to continually evolve into what it is. From the microscopic hyphae connecting it to the wood wide web, to the leaves and their billions of stomata absorbing water and nutrients all the way out to the sun 150 million kms away. 

Exploring my attraction to the trunk was rich and rewarding. From reflecting on ‘my bark’, the identity others see and feel to really appreciating the strength of my solid, heartwood core.  

The strength of my core comes from a mixture of my values which have always guided me, my inner work and my supportive practices like daily nature connection and meditation. My decades of experience of life, people and business provide me with an inner confidence and trust that even when the winds of life blow hard, I have the resilience to flex and remain in balance. In fact, appreciating that life's storms are gifts to strengthen me and even if there is short term damage, the long term effect is stronger growth.

I discovered that although my identity feels less and less important to me, a clear identity helps others understand what I have to offer them. It shows who I really am. Inspired by the bark of the Scots pine, I am working on expressing my identity more fully so that those for whom I have the most to offer can find me more easily and feel into whether there is a resonance.   

The trunk also reminds me of the importance of staying grounded. Connected to Earth and connected to the emotions that want to flow, the energy in motion. Reminding myself to embrace the feelings and sensations of the body as information. When I feel tension in parts of my body this lets me know that I am resisting the present moment. What am I fearful of or not accepting about what I am experiencing? I relax and open up to the enormous creative potential of the present moment.

If you feel that getting in touch with your inner nature could support you to share your gifts with the world, to become more of who you truly are, do consider taking the TreeJourney. The next cohort starts this month. 


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