What can the falling leaves teach us?


Last night we had a Tree Wisdom live session with myself, Mark, Lyn and Marie.

This was the start of the Winter season.

It crystallised some recent thoughts and feelings and I felt like capturing this in a poem this morning.

Thank you to Lyn, Marie and Mark for the part you played in this.

And of course to the falling leaves.


Watching the leaves fall

Do you have time to watch the leaves fall?

Last year they taught me about grace. And I could try to be graceful. Inside as well as out.

Have you made time to watch the leaves fall?

This year they reminded me of nature's diversity.
They are mysterious in their variety of form and how they fall.
But now the mystery has been solved. At least for me.
They have eased me into Winter. Allowed my expectations and hopes to appear.
And then to let them go. To be open to what I need not what I want.

Do you need to make time to watch the leaves fall?

Let their beauty feed you.
So you can hear the quiet voice that speaks to you in the stillness of a Winter's night.






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Mark Henderson

Thank you for sharing this Alex! A great reminder of what is possible through connection when we slow down and observe!

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